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          Data encoder/decoder (signage video transmitter card)

          Data encoders/decoder (signage video transmitter card) integrated circuits and reference designs


          Integrated circuits and reference designs help you create data encoders and decoders. Whether you need video/audio compression technologies for storage and transport, or data decompression process for playback and monitoring, we have the right ingredients to reconstruct data for flexible designs.

          Data encoders and decoders designs often require:

          • Maximized design flexibility and reduced board and IC count
          • Low latency from port to port with best quality and bandwidth utilization
          • Support for a variety of video and audio formats and standards
          • Performance approved video and audio codecs for quick time to market
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          Technical documents

          Application notes & user guides

          Application Notes (9)

          Title Type Size (KB) Date
          PDF 1.16 MB 31 Oct 2017
          PDF 153 KB 13 Sep 2017
          PDF 151 KB 13 Sep 2017
          PDF 281 KB 13 Sep 2017
          PDF 225 KB 13 Sep 2017
          PDF 63 KB 26 Apr 2013
          PDF 1.32 MB 26 Apr 2013
          PDF 203 KB 03 Aug 2009
          PDF 707 KB 15 Jan 2009

          Product bulletin & white papers

          White Papers (2)

          Title Type Size (MB) Date
          PDF 1.21 MB 13 Dec 2018
          PDF 1.04 MB 23 Feb 2016

          Technical articles

          Design & development

          Name Part # Company Software/Tool Type
          Evaluation Board for the LMH1981 Multi-Format Video Sync Separator LMH1981MTEVAL Texas Instruments Evaluation Modules & Boards
          LMH0324 3G/HD/SD SDI Adaptive Cable Equalizer Evaluation Module LMH0324-18EVM Texas Instruments Evaluation Modules & Boards
          LMH1219 Ultra HD Adaptive Cable Equalizer With Integrated Reclocker Evaluation Module LMH1219EVM Texas Instruments Evaluation Modules & Boards
          LMH1297 12-G bidirectional I/O evaluation module LMH1297EVM Texas Instruments Evaluation Modules & Boards
          LMH1982 Multi-Rate Video Clock Generator with LMH1981 HD/SD Video Sync Separator EVM LMH1982SQEEVAL Texas Instruments Evaluation Modules & Boards

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