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          Gateway (xDSL/cable)

          Gateway (xDSL/cable)


          Our integrated circuits and reference designs help you create broadband DSL and cable gateways that enable support for the latest standards such as G.mgfast and DOCSIS3.1. Our high-speed line drivers support 106-MHz and 212-MHz G.Fast digital subscriber line profiles that use native discrete multitone modulation (DMT) signals and help you create your gateway design with confidence.

          Broadband gateway systems require:

          • Ability to overcome and accommodate for wide variations of signal conditions
          • Superior EMI and distortion performance with low power consumption
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          Technical documents

          Application notes & user guides

          Application Notes (10)

          Title Type Size (KB) Date
          PDF 1.36 MB 02 Apr 2019
          PDF 1.12 MB 16 Nov 2018
          PDF 948 KB 20 Sep 2018
          PDF 780 KB 17 Apr 2018
          PDF 103 KB 29 Jun 2016
          PDF 381 KB 25 Sep 2012
          PDF 195 KB 30 Jun 2011
          PDF 256 KB 17 Jan 2005
          PDF 170 KB 04 Aug 2004
          PDF 636 KB 26 Nov 2002

          Design & development

          Name Part # Company Software/Tool Type
          3-A, regulator evaluation module TPS563249EVM-031 Texas Instruments Evaluation Modules & Boards
          LMH2832EVM-50 Evaluation Module LMH2832EVM-50 Texas Instruments Evaluation Modules & Boards
          LMH2832EVM-75 Evaluation Module LMH2832EVM-75 Texas Instruments Evaluation Modules & Boards
          THS6301RSA Evaluation Module THS6301RSAEVM Texas Instruments Evaluation Modules & Boards

          Product bulletin & white papers

          White Papers (3)

          Title Type Size (MB) Date
          PDF 92 KB 24 Oct 2007
          PDF 1.3 MB 11 Jun 2004
          PDF 538 KB 01 Jan 2004

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